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NEW: Please read "Close Guantánamo" co-founders Tom Wilner and Andy Worthington's op-ed for the Chicago Tribune, "Dispelling the myths of Guantánamo Bay," and Andy's article promoting it, and providing further information about the false recidivism claims relied upon by lawmakers like Sen. Tom Cotton.

Leaving the Dark Side? Emptying Guantánamo and the CIA Torture Report

Please watch "Close Guantánamo" co-founders Tom Wilner and Andy Worthington in “Leaving the Dark Side? Emptying Guantánamo and the CIA Torture Report,” a panel discussion - also featuring Col. Morris Davis, the former chief prosecutor of the military commissions at Guantánamo, and moderated by Peter Bergen - at New America in Washington D.C. on January 12, the day after the 13th anniversary of the opening of the prison at Guantánamo Bay. And see Andy speaking outside the White House on the anniversary here.

We Stand With Shaker: Official Campaign Video

Please also watch the promotional video for We Stand With Shaker, the new campaign, launched in London on November 24, 2014, calling for the release from Guantánamo of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in the prison, who has long been cleared for release, and whose ongoing imprisonment is completely unacceptable (also on Facebook and Twitter). Please read our article about the launch of the campaign here. The video features "Close Guantánamo" co-founder Andy Worthington's band The Four Fathers playing "Song for Shaker Aamer," the campaign song he wrote. Please also see the campaign's video for Human Rights Day here.

Please also sign the Avaaz petition calling for the closure of Guantánamo (which has over 700,000 signatures) and visit the "GTMO Clock," which we launched last year to count how many days it is since President Obama promised to resume releasing prisoners from Guantánamo, and how many have been freed, and which reached the 600-day mark on January 12, 2015, the day after the 13th anniversary of the prison's opening.

Please also read Andy's latest articles about the Periodic Review Boards at Guantánamo. Thank you for your interest in bringing this dark chapter in modern U.S. history to an end.

Please also read Andy's recent article, contrasting the powerful words written by a prisoner still held (Mohamedou Ould Slahi's "Guantánamo Diary") with the hysteria of lawmakers trying to keep the prison open forever, his article about the resumption of Periodic Review Boards at Guantánamo, and his article about the CIA torture report, why there must be prosecutions, and why it must not be forgotten that torture has permeated Guantánamo throughout its 13-year history, as well as other recent articles about forthcoming prisoner releases, Vice's major new feature on Guantánamo, and a letter to President Obama from 76 lawmakers asking to see videotapes of force-feeding at the prison.

Also, please look at our updated prisoner list, identifying the 122 men still held, and incorporating the decisions about whether they should be freed, tried or held indefinitely. These decisions were made by the Guantánamo Review Task Force in 2010, but were only made public in June 2013, as discussed in our article, "The Guantánamo Review Task Force's Decisions on Who to Release, Who to Try and Who to Hold Indefinitely Are Finally Released."

The prison at Guantánamo Bay is an abominable experiment in indefinite detention, which poisons America's claim to be a nation that believes in justice, and the detention of 55 prisoners cleared for release, who are held because it is politically inconvenient to release them, is a disgrace. 50 of these men have long been cleared for release by a presidential task force, and five others were added to the list of cleared prisoners between January 2014 and February 2015, after undergoing a new review process, the Detainee Review Boards, which began in 2013.

We are a group of lawyers, journalists, retired military personnel and concerned citizens seeking to close the "war on terror" prison at Guantánamo Bay, where 122 men are still held, even though 55 of them have been cleared for release. In 2012, we published an exclusive report identifying 40 prisoners first cleared for release under President Bush, who were still held at the time, and we also produced a major report telling the stories of 56 of the cleared prisoners whose names were included on a list released by the Justice Department in a court case in September 2012.

As President Obama's second and final term in office becomes entrenched, his legacy is being written, and he needs to make good the promise to close Guantánamo that he made six years ago, on his second day in office in January 2009. While the prison remains open, it continues to undermine America's values and national security.

Join us now to help end this injustice and restore the rule of law. We call on President Obama to honor the principled and pragmatic commitment he made to close Guantánamo. Your voice matters.

Thank you for your commitment and support. Please see our mission statement for a more detailed analysis of why Guantánamo must be closed, and to see the list of prominent individuals and organizations who have signed it.


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