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Mar 12, 2024: We haven’t forgotten the men approved for release from Guantánamo but still held
Feb 26, 2024: Two almost unknown prisoners agree plea deals at Guantánamo
Feb 14, 2024: New project focuses on the 16 men approved for release from Guantánamo, and how long they have been held
Jan 30, 2024: Thanks for 2023! And what we can do in 2024
Jan 7, 2024: 22 shameful years of Guantánamo


Nov 26, 2023: Join us to mark 8,000 days of Guantánamo’s existence on Dec. 6
Oct 29, 2023: Video: our co-founder Andy Worthington calls for Guantánamo’s closure in the European Parliament
Oct 4, 2023: Report and video: A truly inspiring “Close Guantánamo!” event in the E.U. Parliament
Sep 26, 2023: Biden’s shameful refusal to accept 9/11 plea deal, even as one man is declared unfit to stand trial
Sep 13, 2023: Sept. 28: European Parliament meeting to call for Guantánamo closure
Aug 28, 2023: Guantánamo trial judge destroys the military commissions
Jul 25, 2023: Please write to the Guantánamo prisoners, to let them know we remember them
Jun 30, 2023: U.N. Rapporteur condemns “ongoing cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment” at Guantánamo, after first ever visit
Jun 15, 2023: U.N. condemns arbitrary detention of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, calls for his release
May 22, 2023: The broken old men of Guantánamo
May 2, 2023: U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Condemns U.S. treatment of Abu Zubaydah
Apr 25, 2023: Another man is freed from Guantánamo!
Apr 6, 2023: When is a war not over? Apparently, when it’s the war on terror
Mar 27, 2023: April 5: The next global vigils for the closure of Guantánamo
Mar 3, 2023: Free the Guantánamo 18: Join our vigils on March 8
Feb 11, 2023: Shocking statistics from Guantánamo: how long men approved for release have been held
Feb 2, 2023: After 21 years, men are still held at Guantánamo without any rights
Jan 15, 2023: We urge President Biden to close Guantánamo on its 21st anniversary with 150 other rights groups
Jan 9, 2023: Shamefully, it’s Guantánamo’s 21st anniversary on Wednesday


Dec 22, 2022: If you can, please support the Guantánamo Survivors Fund this holiday season
Dec 2, 2022: Dangerous medical neglect at Guantánamo
Nov 29, 2022: Giving Tuesday: Please support our work
Nov 18, 2022: Free the Guantánamo 20, cleared for release but still held, including a Somali who is asking a judge to free him
Oct 28, 2022: Updated for 2022: the definitive six-part Guantánamo prisoner list
Oct 17, 2022: Free the art from Guantánamo!
Sep 30, 2022: Biden’s decisive moves to close Guantánamo
Sep 20, 2022: The untold story of “high-value detainee” Abu Faraj al-Libi
Sep 2, 2022: The ongoing persecution of Guantánamo’s artists
Aug 17, 2022: Resettlement problems, a cleared prisoner, and a new Guantánamo song
Jul 20, 2022: Close Guantánamo’s Tom Wilner and Andy Worthington profiled in The New Republic
Jul 2, 2022: A plea deal at Guantánamo breaks the deadlock of the broken military commissions
Jun 20, 2022: The unlawful ongoing imprisonment of Majid Khan
Jun 1, 2022: A good man with a lot to offer this world, Khaled Qassim’s attorney tells Guantánamo review board
May 19, 2022: The ongoing plight of Guantánamo’s “forever prisoners”
May 3, 2022: World exclusive: Unknown Algerian approved for release from Guantánamo
Apr 11, 2022: Screening of Guantánamo Diary Revisited as fundraiser for Close Guantánamo
Mar 26, 2022: The U.S.’s ongoing torture problem
Mar 10, 2022: Torture victim Mohammed al-Qahtani freed from Guantánamo
Feb 24, 2022: Please write to the Guantánamo prisoners
Feb 9, 2022: Torture victim approved for release from Guantánamo
Jan 20, 2022: Who are the five men just cleared for release from Guantánamo?
Jan 6, 2022: 20 years of Guantánamo


Dec 24, 2021: “The Forever Prisoner”: a holiday viewing recommendation
Dec 4, 2021: Sen. Dick Durbin: a hero in the struggle to close Guantánamo
Nov 24, 2021: Broken lives after Guantánamo
Nov 7, 2021: Join the Guantánamo conference next weekend - and write to your lawmakers about the NDAA
Oct 27, 2021: The first Guantánamo habeas victory since 2010!
Oct 11, 2021: Torture on trial
Sep 24, 2021: 7,200 days of Guantánamo, and a petition signed by 330,000 people
Sep 11, 2021: On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, it’s time to close Guantánamo
Aug 31, 2021: We mustn’t let the Taliban’s victory prevent Guantánamo’s closure
Aug 19, 2021: Please read Mansoor Adayfi’s extraordinary Guantánamo memoir Don’t Forget Us Here
Jul 21, 2021: Biden releases first prisoner from Guantánamo
Jul 8, 2021: Act now for the Guantánamo prisoners
Jun 19, 2021: Retired Admirals urge Biden to free 28 of the 40 remaining Guantánamo prisoners
Jun 4, 2021: Fighting Guantánamo in the courts
May 15, 2021: Former Guantánamo envoy joins calls for prison closure
May 2, 2021: Calls to close Guantánamo mark 100 days of Biden’s presidency
Apr 14, 2021: Guantánamo prisoners abandoned by Joe Biden
Mar 27, 2021: 12 years of Guantánamo activism, from Obama to Biden
Mar 3, 2021: Streaming now: the powerful new Guantánamo film “The Mauritanian”
Feb 16, 2021: Biden announces “intention” to close Guantánamo
Feb 7, 2021: Write to President Biden, tell him to close Guantánamo!
Jan 23, 2021: The anniversary and the inauguration
Jan 8, 2021: Jan. 11: Online events for the 19th anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo


Dec 30, 2020: Please support our work to close Guantánamo in 2021
Dec 17, 2020: A Yemeni approved for release from Guantánamo!
Nov 29, 2020: More advice for Joe Biden about how to close Guantánamo
Nov 14, 2020: President Elect Biden, it’s time to close Guantánamo
Oct 25, 2020: Danger for ex-Guantánamo prisoners in the UAE
Oct 14, 2020: Guantánamo: the must-have graphic novel!
Oct 1, 2020: A roadmap for the closure of Guantánamo
Sep 19, 2020: Guantánamo and the death of the law
Sep 3, 2020: Guantánamo and the poisonous opinion of a Trump-appointed judge
Aug 9, 2020: Human Rights Commission to Investigate U.S. Torture Program
Jul 28, 2020: Trump’s personal prisoners
Jul 14, 2020: If elected, would Joe Biden close Guantánamo?
Jun 26, 2020: End torture, and hold the perpetrators accountable
Jun 6, 2020: Senators call for action on Guantánamo and the coronavirus
May 27, 2020: Please write to the Guantánamo prisoners, let them know they’re not forgotten
May 9, 2020: Lockdown listening about Guantánamo
Apr 23, 2020: The Afghan nobody seeking release from Guantánamo
Apr 6, 2020: Coronavirus and Guantánamo
Mar 25, 2020: Release Saifullah Paracha from Guantánamo, Now His Son Is Free
Mar 10, 2020: How can this kind and cultured man still be held at Guantánamo?
Feb 24, 2020: The Guantánamo prisoners speak via their art
Feb 10, 2020: Torture on trial at Guantánamo
Jan 26, 2020: Guantánamo in its 19th year
Jan 7, 2020: 18 years of Guantánamo


Dec 31, 2019: As Congress ignores Guantánamo, please support our work in 2020
Dec 8, 2019: Keeping Guantánamo on the radar in 2020
Nov 22, 2019: Donald Trump’s personal prisoners at Guantánamo
Nov 7, 2019: Slahi gets his passport back; Congress wrangles over the NDAA
Oct 26, 2019: The plight of Julian Assange - and 6,500 days of Guantánamo
Oct 11, 2019: Ex-child prisoner boycotts Guantánamo’s broken review process
Sep 26, 2019: The insane cost of Guantánamo
Sep 11, 2019: On the 18th anniversary of 9/11, a suicide attempt at Guantánamo
Aug 27, 2019: Trapped in Guantánamo three years after being approved for release
Aug 7, 2019: 17 years since the torture memos
Jul 17, 2019: Shining a light on the torture report - and 6400 days of Guantánamo
Jul 2, 2019: Court victory for Guantánamo prisoners!
Jun 18, 2019: The Supreme Court consigns Guantánamo prisoners to perpetual detention
May 26, 2019: Tell Congress to drop the ban on Guantánamo transfers in the NDAA
May 5, 2019: Dying of old age at Guantánamo
Apr 24, 2019: Mohamedou Ould Salahi and the case for closing Guantánamo
Apr 2, 2019: Whistleblowers are not criminals: Defend Chelsea Manning!
Mar 20, 2019: When is a free man not a free man?
Feb 28, 2019: ISIS, Guantánamo and an alarming trend: making citizens stateless
Feb 11, 2019: Wrongly held at Guantánamo?
Jan 22, 2019: Guantánamo, in its 18th year
Jan 6, 2019: Events marking the 17th anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo


Dec 22, 2018: Lamenting the loss of a great opponent of Guantánamo
Dec 7, 2018: 6,175 days of Guantánamo
Nov 28, 2018: Guantánamo’s broken review process
Nov 20, 2018: Guantánamo’s Lost Diaspora - and Trump’s Responsibility
Nov 6, 2018: Please vote wisely!
Oct 9, 2018: The father of Guantánamo
Sep 20, 2018: Former Guantánamo prisoner at risk in Serbia
Aug 31, 2018: Chaos at the military commissions
Aug 17, 2018: Approved for release by the U.S. government, but still held by Donald Trump
Jul 24, 2018: A 'cluster covfefe': Majid Khan’s verdict on the military commissions
Jul 17, 2018: Bad news as Trump nominates Guantánamo enthusiast Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court
Jun 28, 2018: Guantánamo’s toothless reviews
Jun 15, 2018: A message from Shaker Aamer to Donald Trump on Guantánamo’s 6,000th day of existence
Jun 8, 2018: 6,000 days of Guantánamo; just one week to go
May 31, 2018: No freedom from Guantánamo
May 17, 2018: Our dismay about the confirmation of Gina Haspel as CIA Director
Apr 30, 2018: The torture of Ali al-Marri
Apr 10, 2018: The wreckage of Guantánamo
Mar 15, 2018: Rights Groups including Close Guantánamo Condemn Trump’s Choice of Torturer as CIA Director
Feb 27, 2018: The U.N. says everyone held at Guantánamo is arbitrarily detained
Feb 18, 2018: The ongoing and counter-productive negativity of Donald Trump’s Guantánamo
Jan 29, 2018: How many ways do we have to tell Trump no?
Jan 10, 2018: 5,845 days of Guantánamo: Join us to tell Donald Trump to close the prison for good
Jan 2, 2018: Join us on Jan. 11, the 16th anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo


Dec 20, 2017: U.N. Rapporteur on Torture reminds U.S. of injustice of Guantánamo
Nov 30, 2017: Torture Inquiry in North Carolina - and a request for your financial support
Nov 17, 2017: 300 days of Trump: Help us tell him to close Guantánamo
Oct 30, 2017: Mohamedou Ould Slahi on freedom and the power of writing
Oct 15, 2017: Stop Trump allowing Guantánamo prisoners to die
Sep 30, 2017: Guantánamo: Forgotten but not gone
Sep 18, 2017: Guantánamo: The damage to U.S. national security continues
Aug 31, 2017: Donald Trump’s dogged determination to do the wrong thing on Guantánamo
Aug 12, 2017: Trump’s Guantánamo dilemma
Jul 25, 2017: Six months of Trump: will Guantánamo ever close?
Jul 4, 2017: Unhappy Independence Day
Jun 15, 2017: Never-ending Guantánamo: Review boards and trials
May 26, 2017: Please join the new campaign for the remaining Guantánamo prisoners
May 13, 2017: Reviews at Guantánamo continue - but far too slowly
Apr 29, 2017: 100 days of Trump: Stand up and be counted!
Apr 22, 2017: Guantánamo trials as legal apartheid
Mar 31, 2017: Groundhog Day at Guantánamo, 70 days into Trump’s presidency
Mar 10, 2017: 50 days of Trump - and his latest lies about Guantánamo
Feb 21, 2017: New Close Guantánamo video - and Periodic Review Board report
Feb 11, 2017: Trump plans to send ISIS to Guantánamo
Jan 31, 2017: Resisting Donald Trump’s racism - and fearing for the future of Guantánamo
Jan 19, 2017: Tell Donald Trump to Close Guantánamo!


Dec 31, 2016: Ending 2016 with a call to close Guantánamo
Dec 15, 2016: Obama’s last month - and our last push on closing Guantánamo
Nov 29, 2016: President Obama has just 50 days left to close Guantánamo
Nov 21, 2016: Trump, torture and Guantánamo
Nov 11, 2016: With Trump heading for the White House, Obama has just 70 days left to close Guantánamo
Oct 21, 2016: Guantánamo’s shameful intelligence failures
Oct 10, 2016: President Obama has 100 days left to close Guantánamo
Sep 30, 2016: Guantánamo’s broken military commissions
Sep 19, 2016: Four months left to close Guantánamo
Aug 31, 2016: Poll sees majority of Americans call for Guantánamo prisoners to be tried or released
Aug 19, 2016: Help remind President Obama he has just 150 days left to close Guantánamo
Jul 26, 2016: Mohamedou Ould Slahi approved for release!
Jul 15, 2016: Guantánamo’s population reaches 76
Jun 29, 2016: Send Us Your Photos: 200 Days Left in the Countdown to Close Guantánamo
Jun 13, 2016: 220 Days Left to Close Guantánamo
May 28, 2016: Plans for Guantánamo releases and plea deals
May 10, 2016: 250 days to go - please send us a photo!
Apr 25, 2016: Relaunching the Gitmo Clock as part of the Countdown to Close Guantánamo
Apr 11, 2016: Are Guantánamo's Periodic Review Boards working?
Mar 19, 2016: 300 days left in the Countdown to Close Guantánamo - and the latest review board
Mar 6, 2016: The Countdown to Close Guantánamo continues: send us a photo!
Feb 24, 2016: President Obama's Plan to Close Guantánamo
Feb 3, 2016: 350 days to close Guantánamo!
Jan 21, 2016: Join us for the Countdown to Close Guantánamo
Jan 7, 2016: Come and Hear Us Talk About Closing Guantánamo in D.C. on Jan. 11


Dec 19, 2015: Shaker Aamer speaks - and the 21st PRB takes place
Dec 2, 2015: Check out our definitive Periodic Review Board list
Nov 19, 2015: How to close Guantánamo
Nov 8, 2015: 900 days of the Gitmo Clock - and the latest news about Guantánamo's review boards
Oct 28, 2015: Obama Vetoes NDAA, DoJ Defends Imprisonment of 75-Pound Hunger Striker, and the Fast For Shaker Aamer
Oct 9, 2015: Fan of Shakira, Taylor Swift and Game of Thrones seeks release from Guantánamo
Sep 29, 2015: 87% Success Rate in Guantánamo's Military Review Boards
Sep 11, 2015: 14 Years After 9/11, Renewed Action Required to Close Guantánamo
Aug 26, 2015: More prisoners seek release from Guantánamo through Periodic Review Boards
Jul 30, 2015: Prisoner Reviews - and 800 Days of the Gitmo Clock
Jul 13, 2015: What does torture at Guantánamo look like?
Jun 28, 2015: Free hunger striker Tariq Ba Odah from Guantánamo before he dies
Jun 9, 2015: In New York Times, MPs Call for Shaker Aamer's Release from Guantánamo
May 22, 2015: It's two years since Obama's promise to resume releasing prisoners from Guantánamo
May 12, 2015: Senators Tell Obama: Free the 57 Prisoners Cleared for Release
Apr 22, 2015: 700 Days of the Gitmo Clock
Apr 12, 2015: War is over: Free the prisoners!
Mar 22, 2015: Slow progress at Guantánamo
Mar 8, 2015: Monitoring Guantánamo's Periodic Review Boards
Feb 18, 2015: A harrowing account from Guantánamo - but lawmakers don't care
Feb 9, 2015: There is no love in Guantánamo
Jan 28, 2015: Reviewing Guantánamo
Jan 13, 2015: Guantánamo In Its 14th Year


Dec 19, 2014: Torture: still a crime, and still taking place at Guantánamo
Dec 4, 2014: Release more prisoners!
Nov 22, 2014: We Stand With Shaker
Nov 7, 2014: Fawzi Al-Odah goes home to Kuwait
Oct 31, 2014: Toothless reviews and pressure from Nobel Prize winners
Oct 14, 2014: Is Closing Guantánamo Back on the Radar?
Sep 30, 2014: Guantánamo falls silent
Sep 11, 2014: 13 years after 9/11, let's get Guantánamo closed
Aug 28, 2014: Legal challenges to the military commissions at Guantánamo
Aug 17, 2014: The Gitmo Clock marks 450 days since Obama's promise to resume releasing prisoners from Guantánamo
Jul 18, 2014: The ongoing farce of Guantánamo's military commissions
Jun 26, 2014: Calling for the closure of Guantánamo on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
Jun 12, 2014: Disgraceful engineered hysteria regarding the Taliban/Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap
May 22, 2014: On the global day of action, tell President Obama to free all the cleared prisoners in Guantánamo
May 16, 2014: On May 23, please support the global day of action to close Guantánamo
Apr 27, 2014: No escape from Guantánamo
Mar 25, 2014: Close Guantánamo now!
Mar 13, 2014: Another man freed, prisoner lists and hunger strikes
Feb 21, 2014: Guantánamo letters
Feb 7, 2014: Remembering when torture began at Guantánamo, 12 years ago, and calling for the prison's closure now!
Jan 28, 2014: Send the Yemenis home from Guantánamo
Jan 7, 2014: President Obama, Close Guantánamo in 2014!


Dec 22, 2013: Good news from Guantánamo
Dec 9, 2013: Unfortunate news from Guantánamo
Nov 25, 2013: Tell the House: Guantánamo Must Close!
Nov 17, 2013: Please tell your Senator to support Sen. Carl Levin's version of the NDAA, which will help to close Guantánamo
Nov 8, 2013: Guantánamo, the end of the Afghan war, and some lies and distortions
Oct 16, 2013: Some progress on Guantánamo
Oct 8, 2013: Shaker Aamer needs a doctor to visit him in Guantánamo
Sep 30, 2013: The longer an injustice continues …
Sep 20, 2013: Please read op-eds by Tom Wilner and Andy Worthington
Sep 9, 2013: President Obama, 84 Men Await Release from Guantánamo
Aug 11, 2013: The GTMO Clock and the toothless Guantanamo prisoner reviews
Jul 23, 2013: A death at Guantánamo
Jul 16, 2013: Guantánamo prisoner speaks, as the hunger strike grinds on
Jul 5, 2013: Unhappy Independence Day
Jun 20, 2013: A good start, President Obama, but now you need to release some prisoners!
Jun 7, 2013: Free Ahmed Ould Abdel Aziz, a Mauritanian teacher in Guantánamo
May 31, 2013: Now we're waiting for President Obama to fulfill his promises
May 17, 2013: 100 Days of the Hunger Strike at Guantánamo: Please Take Action!
May 11, 2013: President Obama, free the Yemenis from Guantanamo
May 2, 2013: Please sign the petition, asking President Obama to close Guantánamo
Apr 29, 2013: The Guantánamo hunger strike continues
Apr 12, 2013: Join the UN and the New York Times in telling President Obama to close Guantánamo
Mar 29, 2013: Call on President Obama to end the hunger strike at Guantánamo!
Mar 20, 2013: The huge hunger strike at Guantánamo - and its message for the U.S. government
Mar 12, 2013: Why Sulaiman Abu Ghaith Should Be Tried in Federal Court
Mar 5, 2013: Remember the forgotten men in Guantánamo
Feb 18, 2013: The Relentless Importance of Closing Guantánamo
Jan 21, 2013: 11 Years of Guantánamo: A Report from the Actions in Washington DC
Jan 11, 2013: Eleven Years of Guantánamo: Close It Now!


Dec 22, 2012: Thanks for all your support this year!
Nov 26, 2012: President Obama, it's time to close Guantánamo!
Nov 5, 2012: On Election Eve, a Reminder of the Ongoing Injustice of Guantánamo
Oct 28, 2012: A major new report from Close Guantánamo
Oct 11, 2012: EXCLUSIVE: Shaker Aamer calls for freedom and justice from Guantánamo
Sep 30, 2012: Omar Khadr is Freed from Guantánamo!
Sep 13, 2012: Don't let the death of Adnan Latif, a Yemeni at Guantánamo, be in vain!
Jul 24, 2012: Free Omar Khadr from Guantánamo - and Demand That 87 Cleared Prisoners Are Also Released
Jul 9, 2012: Praise for Jimmy Carter, Condemnation for Canadian PM Stephen Harper
Jun 26, 2012: Abandoned in Guantánamo: The Seven Men Spurned by the Supreme Court, and Omar Khadr, Spurned by Canada
Jun 14, 2012: No Escape from Guantánamo: Our New Report on the Guantánamo Scandal
May 22, 2012: Ahmed Belbacha was cleared for release from Guantánamo five years ago. Why is he still held?
May 10, 2012: Calling for the release of Guantánamo prisoners in the U.S.
May 2, 2012: U.S. Military Investigator Establishes that Obaidullah, an Afghan Still Held in Guantánamo, Is Innocent
Apr 20, 2012: Some good news at last, as two prisoners are freed from Guantánamo
Apr 11, 2012: A cry for help from Guantánamo from Shaker Aamer
Mar 30, 2012: Free these Afghan prisoners from Guantánamo!
Mar 15, 2012: Please Sign the Petitions Calling for the Release from Guantánamo of Shaker Aamer, the Last British Resident in the Prison
Mar 5, 2012: More prisoner profiles from the Close Guantánamo campaign
Feb 15, 2012: We've begun publishing profiles of prisoners still held at Guantánamo